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Neuroscience Institute’s world-class multidisciplinary team has been treating complex mental health disorders for years. Using a variety of evidence-based clinical modalities, we help educate, inform, and foster change for all clients that walk through our doors. Each team member serves a specific purpose in the growth and success of our clients, making sure every facet of their mental health is effectively addressed. It is our mission to help people find healing when they seek mental health help so that they can reap the benefits of full rewarding lives.


Director of Clinical Services & Research

Dr. Pamela Tambini, MD

Medical Director

Jennifer Rodriguez

Director of Operations

Alexandria Dennison

Business Development Manager

Sloane Tredwell, LCSW

Clinical Lead

Adrienne Lewis, AND, RN

Director of Nursing

Andrea Muchmore, MSW, RCSWI

Primary Therapist

Clayton Vogele, LMHC

Primary Therapist

Kyle Dinschel

Primary Therapist

Ronnie Hanley

Operations Supervisor

Grace Zajdel

Case Manager

Mental Health Treatment in South Florida

Let our expert mental health professionals help you find the healing you deserve so you can live the life you have always dreamed of. Using evidence-based researched backed therapies, Neuroscience Institute helps each of our clients find meaningful relief from mental health disorder symptoms. Give us a call or visit our admissions page to start your recovery journey today.

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