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Proudly Offering Mental Health Treatment in South Florida, Oklahoma, New Jersey, and New York.

When you are looking for help treating depression, anxiety, PTSD or other mental health concerns, you want to find a provider that you can trust close to home. Neuroscience Institute has four convenient locations that offer cutting-edge research-backed mental illness treatment. The staff at each of our campuses are experts in their fields and have decades of experience providing compassionate individualized care for each of our clients.

South Florida Mental Health Treatment

At our West Palm Beach, FL mental health treatment center individuals can find healing from mental and behavioral health concerns. Using effective evidence-based therapeutic modalities, we help people overcome depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders.

Oklahoma Mental Health Treatment

We put our multiple decades-long experience and expertise to use to build effective and meaningful treatment plans for people in Duncan, OK who are struggling with mental health disorders. Our team of renowned researchers and clinicians help individuals achieve lasting relief from anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma.

New York Mental Health Treatment

At our New York mental health treatment center, our clients are able to access cutting-edge mental health treatment that uses effective proven therapies in order to treat behavioral and mental health disorders. We are client-focused and develop care plans that take into account each person’s individual circumstance and goals.

Find Mental Health Treatment Near You 

Whether this is your first time looking for the right mental health treatment near you, or you’re looking for additional mental health care, we offer several convenient locations. If you need more information about our treatment campuses, or to find out which services or treatments will be best for you, give us a call. Our compassionate admissions staff will be happy to answer all of your questions, confidentially. 

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