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There are times in life when we all feel nervous or anxious. For most people, anxiety is a normal response to stressful situations. This can include things like public speaking or meeting new people. However, sometimes anxiety becomes extreme. It can also start happening a lot. Furthermore, it can interfere with living your life. As a result, anxiety treatment in West Palm Beach may be needed. With this in mind, we provide the best treatment for anxiety disorders.

What are Anxiety Disorders?

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Anxiety disorders are mental health disorders. They involve having huge amounts of fear, anxiety, and worry. Consequently, these reactions are out of proportion to the situation. As well, they happen a lot. Additionally, they may become worse over time. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 31.1% of adults in the US experience anxiety at some point in their lives. 

The symptoms of anxiety disorders can interfere with a person’s daily life. This includes jobs, school, and hobbies. In addition, people often avoid situations that may trigger their anxiety. Because of this, they live a limited life.

Many times, someone with an anxiety disorder does not know they have one. They may not know when to seek help for their disorder. Furthermore, they may get the wrong diagnosis. Because of this, the best treatment for anxiety disorders begins with getting a full diagnosis. Then, a treatment plan can be made. Anxiety treatment at West Palm Beach can help with this. We help people take back control of their lives.

Diagnostic criteria for anxiety disorders can include:

Types of Anxiety Disorders

There are several different types of anxiety disorders. Moreover, some people may have more than one at a time. Because of this, knowing which type of anxiety disorder a person has is important. It helps decide the best treatment for them. Common anxiety disorders include:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

GAD causes excessive stress and worrying about more than one situation. As well, individuals with GAD find it nearly impossible to manage their anxiety. They constantly worry about many factors in their lives.

Panic Disorder

Panic disorder involves having recurrent panic attacks. Some panic attacks may be expected. In contrast, many occur out of nowhere. People with a panic disorder worry about having panic attacks. Because of this, they often avoid situations and people they fear may trigger an attack.

Social Anxiety Disorder

This condition causes a person to have extreme anxiety about everyday social interactions. They experience a great deal of self-consciousness. Along with that, they worry they are being judged negatively. The person begins to avoid most kinds of social situations.

Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders 

Anxiety disorders usually come with signs and symptoms. First, they vary per person. Second, they often depend on which anxiety disorder the person has.

Signs and symptoms of an anxiety disorder include:

  • Tightness in the chest
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Muscle tension 
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Sweating
  • Teeth grinding 
  • Itching or rashes
  • Uncontrolled anxiety
  • Isolating
  • Feeling restless
  • Sleep problems

Having an anxiety disorder can also cause emotional reactions. These include feeling moody, depressed, or irritable. As a matter of fact, many people limit contact with others. Along with that, they may stop taking part in social situations.

In fact, many turn to drugs or alcohol. Initially, it helps manage their anxiety. As a result, they may end up addicted. When this occurs, professional treatment is needed. Our anxiety treatment program at NRI can help. It doesn’t just treat anxiety disorders. Additionally, it treats any drug or alcohol addictions.

Causes of Anxiety Disorders

Research has not found just a singular cause for anxiety disorders. However, evidence shows that certain causes often come into play. With this in mind, anxiety treatment in West Palm Beach fully evaluates each client before treating them. Because of this, we can look at what may be the causes of anxiety disorders.

Common causes include:

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How is Anxiety Treated?

Anxiety disorders cause havoc in a person’s life, especially if they don’t know when to get help for it. As a consequence, they often leave a person feeling hopeless. For this reason, they may think there is no help for them. Treatment for anxiety disorders helps a person take back control of their lives. First, they learn to recognize their triggers.

Next, they begin to manage them. Last, they address the causes of their anxiety. The person learns to use healthy coping skills.

In addition, they manage their anxiety daily. As a result, they can reduce how often it happens. Consequently, they begin to live a full and happy life. Anxiety disorder treatment can take place in two ways.

The first is in a residential setting. Initially, the person lives in a facility that treats mental health disorders. They receive 24/7 care from experts. After that, they may move to outpatient care. Secondly, some people use only outpatient care for their anxiety.

This care takes place during the day, because of this, the person can still live at home. Anxiety treatment at NRI allows clients to feel safe. As a result, they feel cared for while working on their mental health. Treatment team members do not judge them.

In fact, they help them see how common anxiety disorders can be. Talk therapy proves important in treating anxiety. This can include individual and group therapy. As well, holistic therapy can help a lot. Last but not least, medications can help reduce anxiety.   

How Does Anxiety Treatment in West Palm Beach Work?

At Neuroscience Institute, our goal is to give you the best care for anxiety. With this in mind, we cater to your unique needs. We want each person to get the best treatment possible. What is more, we employ the best team of behavioral healthcare professionals. Not only do we provide evidence-based treatment modalities. We also address and improve anxiety disorders and symptoms.  

Other types of therapy we use include:  

Any necessary medications can be prescribed and monitored during treatment. Some medications are only needed on a short-term basis. On the other hand, some may need to be taken for longer periods of time. Meds can help reduce the side effects of anxiety. As a result, this helps provide needed stability as the person completes their treatment program. 

Begin Anxiety Treatment in West Palm Beach, FL

Untreated anxiety disorders can have a devastating impact on quality of life. Not only this, they can make you give up hope. If you or someone you love is suffering from an anxiety disorder, we can help. We also offer mental health resources for those who need additional support.

Neuroscience Institute’s team of caring treatment specialists will help you overcome anxiety. Then, you can get back to living life on your terms. Visit our admissions page today. Find out how our anxiety treatment can help you heal. 

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