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If you struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD or any other type of mental illness our comprehensive suite of services offer the healing you need.  Each person’s experience with mental health disorders is unique and we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.  Neuroscience Institute’s research-backed mental health treatment service incorporates various evidence-based modalities in order to create a personalized care plan that fosters meaningful recovery from mental health disorders. Whether you need more intensive residential treatment or an adjustable schedule that lets you keep your commitments, we offer a range of options to meet you where you are. 

Get Mental Health Treatments In South Florida

At Neuroscience Institute in West Palm Beach, FL we know that healing from mental illness is possible. We want you to find the right treatment for your mental health disorder. That’s why we offer a full spectrum of effective evidence-based therapeutic options. Learn more about the services we provide and the help we offer by giving us a call or visiting our admissions page.

Why Behavioral Health Treatment

At The Neuroscience Institute?

Whether the Neuroscience Institute is your first and last treatment experience, or if you have spent years in and out of other mental health centers, we’ll guide you to feel at peace again. The Neuroscience Institute is unique as it is a center for active behavioral health research that is coupled with cutting-edge therapeutic modalities to improve mental health treatment results. The Neuroscience Institute also features:

Attentive, Warm and Caring Staff

Individually Curated Treatment

Post-Treatment Coaching

Advances In Mental Health Neuroscience

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