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Neuroscience Research Institute offers mental health facilities in Oklahoma to help residents of Duncan and nearby communities begin their treatment. We offer assessments, provide information, support family and loved ones, and connect you to the best treatment options available. Our outpatient mental health assessments in Oklahoma can help you understand your symptoms. Our experienced staff is equipped to provide a quality mental health assessment, which is the first step in treating mental and behavioral health symptoms.

The Need for Mental Health Facilities in Oklahoma

The latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) states that in the U.S., “among adults aged 18 or older in 2020, 21.0 percent (or 52.9 million people) had any mental illness (AMI) and 5.6 percent (or 14.2 million people) had a serious mental illness (SMI) in the past year.” 

These numbers are highest among young adults aged 18 to 25 with 30.6 percent of this age group reporting a mental illness in the past year.

According to data from 2020 provided by Mental Health America, Oklahoma ranks number 33 out of 51 (all U.S. states plus the District of Columbia). This ranking is determined by the overall prevalence of mental health disorders and access to care in Oklahoma.

Neuroscience Institute aims to improve these numbers by helping you or your loved one get the treatment you need. Neuroscience Institute hopes to improve access to mental health care for residents of Duncan, Oklahoma, and nearby areas. 

What is a Mental Health Assessment?

A mental health assessment is a series of medical exams and testing to understand the overall state of your mental health. These tests will help identify causes, symptoms, diagnoses, and decisions about continuing treatment. Mental health assessments can vary in length and depth, depending upon your symptoms. 

Qualified professionals conduct mental health assessments. One clinician or a team of clinicians might perform your evaluation. Professionals involved might include social workers, medical doctors, psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists.

Components of Outpatient Mental Health Assessments 

Your doctor might recommend neurological testing during your physical exam based on results and observations.

What Are the Benefits of Mental Health Assessments?

assessments at mental health facilities in Oklahoma

Mental health assessments provide many benefits, including:

Outpatient mental health assessments in Oklahoma can help to improve mental health outcomes for you, your loved ones, as well as the community of Duncan and the surrounding areas.

What Happens at Our Outpatient Mental Health Facilities in Oklahoma?

At our outpatient mental health center in Oklahoma, we help you or your loved one with the following:

Our outpatient mental health center in Oklahoma connects residents of Duncan and nearby communities to valuable resources to treat mental illnesses.

By helping you or your loved one determine the cause of your mental health symptoms, we can help you find an ideal match for treatment. We understand the mental health community of Oklahoma and are here to help you find your treatment team.

Find Mental Health Facilities in Oklahoma

Access to mental health care is critical to getting the help you or your loved one needs. Neuroscience Institute provides outpatient mental health services in Duncan and nearby Oklahoma communities. Our mental health assessments can help you determine a course of treatment. We’re here to connect you to the resources, support, and treatment you and your family need for mental health disorders. Call today or visit our admissions page to get started.

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