Holistic Schizophrenia Treatment

Schizophrenia, a complex mental disorder that severely affects an individual’s behavior, thought process, and functionality, can be managed with life-long medications in addition to a combination of psychological and social treatments. Although schizophrenia treatment will not cure the disorder, it’s imperative for individuals to seek treatment in order to keep symptoms under control.

Holistic Schizophrenia

What are the Symptoms of Schizophrenia?

Symptoms can vary; however, typical symptoms fall into 3 main categories: Cognitive, Negative, and Psychotic.

Cognitive Symptoms

Individuals with schizophrenia commonly face alterations to their cognitive functions. They experience problems with the following:

  • Maintaining Attention
  • Focus
  • Concentration 
  • Decision Making
  • Memory and Learning

Negative Symptoms

Unwanted feelings that occur with schizophrenia can impair a person’s ability to go about daily tasks, and range in severity. These symptoms include the following:

  • Unable to function normally
  • Lack of interest
  • Inability to outwardly express emotions
  • Loss of motivation

Psychotic Symptoms

Experiencing impaired perceptions and disordered thinking tends to create tense situations for individuals struggling with schizophrenia. A description of psychotic symptoms includes the below:

  • Loss of reality
  • Delusional
  • Hallucinations
  • Inability to think or process clearly

Treatment Options

Holistic Schizophrenia Treatment

Treating schizophrenia is a life-long process that does not eliminate the disorder, but rather keeps symptoms at bay. The goal is to allow the affected individual to go about their daily routine in a normal manner, without feeling defeated by, or overwhelmed by distressing symptoms. Treatment plans typically involve more than just medications. Behavioral therapy, remediation intervention, learning coping skills, therapeutic management, and establishing a support network, are all treatment options that are intertwined in schizophrenia treatment. 

The goal of antipsychotic medications is to reduce the magnitude and occurrence of schizophrenia symptoms. In addition to medication, therapy plays a huge role in schizophrenia treatment. Attaining skills to manage sound cognitive and behavioral functions comes with psychosocial treatments. Family and friends play a vital role in the treatment strategy by offering a solid support network to provide encouragement and compassion. Successful treatment involves a holistic approach to treat all aspects of schizophrenia. 


 Schizophrenia is a complicated mental illness that alters the ability to function normally. Symptoms fall under three main categories: cognitive, negative, and psychotic. Typical schizophrenia treatment involves life-long medications along with psychosocial treatments, therapy, and a solid support system. Approaching treatment holistically brings about more promising results.

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