Using Ketamine Therapy to Treat OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can be debilitating. Thoughts and behaviors associated with OCD can hinder an individual from living a normal life. It can be difficult to treat with conventional methods and medications, and can also take a longer period of time to find any sort of relief from symptoms. This is why using ketamine for OCD treatment has become increasingly popular in medical communities.

What is OCD?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is characterized by having a pattern of unwarranted and unwanted thoughts that lead to the occurrence of repetitive behaviors. OCD can cause feelings of anxiety without any real cause, and the anxiousness can surround fears of particular situations. Some of these situations can include:

  • Fear of germs or contamination
  • Needing things to be in order or symmetrical
  • Uncertainty surrounding daily activities (such as being unsure of locking a door, or shut off the stove)
  • Aggressive thoughts toward oneself or others
  • Sexually explicit thoughts and behaviors

These thoughts are often, but not exclusively, accompanied by compulsive behaviors. Commonly, excessive hand washing or cleaning, compulsive counting, needing things to be in a particular order to ease anxiety, and repeatedly checking things like doors and the stove are all behaviors that can be classified as compulsive behaviors. Now, most everyone has had doubts about locked doors, or the stove being turned off. The difference between the “normal” doubt and OCD doubt of these things is the inability to control the thoughts surrounding the topic. There is no pleasure achieved from performing these rituals and habits, there is  just relief of the anxiety that comes from the obsessive thoughts. 

Being that these behaviors and thoughts can be uncontrollable, when there is an attempt to control the thoughts and behaviors, it can result in feelings of distress, anxiety and even violence. Day-to-day life can be very difficult to maintain without triggers arising and interfering. This can lead to difficulty maintaining employment, interference in social relationships, and feelings of isolation.

What is Ketamine Therapy?

Ketamine, an FDA-approved drug used at high doses for anesthesia, is becoming increasingly more common in treating ailments such as pain, depression, as well as other mental health and substance abuse issues. It gained notoriety as a party drug, and those same effects that gave ketamine its notoriety are the reason why it has gained traction in medical circles.

Ketamine therapy includes in-office administration of the drug, providing clinical supervision. Being that ketamine is a psychedelic, there is potential for mystical experiences. These experiences allow for quick-acting changes in thoughts and behaviors, moods, and insight surrounding mental health. Ketamine for OCD can provide these changes for these disruptive thought and behavior patterns of those living with OCD.

Is Ketamine Safe?

Using ketamine to treat mental health disorders has become increasingly popular in the field of psychiatric care. Providing relief for most from some of the most debilitating mental health disorders, it is one of the safer forms of treatment. It does not hinder or suppress respiratory function, nor heart rate. While it can seem like a miracle treatment, there is the risk of side effects, as with most medications and treatments.

Some common side effects of ketamine therapy are high blood pressure, nausea, disorientation, or feelings of an “out of body experience.” However, some side effects go away on their own. This relieves the symptoms of the treated mental health disorders. This is why it has only become increasingly popular for treatment of OCD and other mental health disorders.

How Does Ketamine Treat OCD Symptoms?

Using ketamine for OCD treatment can be very beneficial. The drug targets certain receptors in the brain, and causes an increase in the number of neurotransmitters between neurons. This improves communication between neurons in the brain and alleviates the obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions. 

Conventional treatments for OCD can take 6-10 weeks for any changes to be seen or felt. Ketamine for OCD treatment can have immediate results. Reduction of obsessive-compulsive thoughts and behaviors can occur within one to two weeks. 

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