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When someone needs help finding the right mental health treatment centers in New Jersey, they don’t always know where to turn. Neuroscience Institute provides resources for mental health concerns that allow you to manage your symptoms, improve your overall health, and take back control of your life. Having good mental health is an important part of everyone’s life, and we offer treatment for those struggling or needing support in New Jersey.

New Jersey and Mental Health 

New Jersey is the fifth smallest state in the U.S. but is quite densely populated with its 9.2 million residents. Many residents and tourists enjoy its central location with easy access to New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Atlantic Ocean. New Jersey is known for its extensive transportation system. It is also a leader in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, biotechnology, and the financial industry. Every year, many people flock to seaside resorts area like Atlantic City to enjoy outdoor activities, resorts, and cultural attractions.

While there are many positives about the “Garden State”, like every other state in the union, it has many residents who deal with mental health disorders. In 2021, the National Alliance on Mental Illness reported that approximately 1.1 million adults in New Jersey have at least one mental health condition. Of those, 309,000 adults do not receive the mental health care they need.  

A 2019 Behavioral Health Barometer New Jersey Volume 6 survey reported some alarming statistics:

These facts highlight how important it is for residents of New Jersey to receive a full assessment of their mental health and begin any necessary treatment.

What Is a Mental Health Assessment and Psychological Evaluation?

Often when a person struggles with their mental health, they may be unsure of their experiences or may feel shame. They may feel alone, or afraid to speak up due to fear of judgment. They may not have the necessary support or guidance available to help them cope. Fortunately, our expert clinicians provide a full mental health assessment for patients. This includes a psychological evaluation in order to determine what mental health conditions are occurring. We identify symptoms of mental trauma or disturbances and examine any past experiences surrounding compromised or fragile mental health. We learn what medications our clients are taking and pinpoint any diagnoses of mental health challenges they may be experiencing. 

We help them understand the details of their situation, including the name of their mental health disorder and, if possible, its origins. Once they grasp the extent of any ongoing mental health concerns, it allows them to decide what their next step would be.

Benefits of a Mental Health Assessment and Psychological Evaluation

Receiving a mental health assessment and psychological evaluation is the first step to getting help. A full diagnosis of a person’s mental health must be performed before deciding on the right treatment plan to put into play. Even when someone may have received a diagnosis in the past, their situation may have changed, making it imperative that they are re-evaluated.

A benefit of receiving an assessment from our mental health treatment centers in New Jersey involves removing guesswork. Too often, people practice self-diagnosis with their mental health, coming up with inaccurate assessments. They may make assumptions after a quick internet search, get advice from a loved one, or a go off of a gut feeling they have. Misdiagnosing themselves or dismissing the idea that they have a mental health issue can prolong their suffering. 

A proper mental health diagnosis is also required when someone finances their treatment with insurance. Insurance companies typically ask for proof of a diagnosis before paying for vital services to treat it.

What Happens at Our Mental Health Treatment Centers in NJ?

The Neuroscience Institute’s New Jersey location will provide a safe place for families and clients struggling with behavioral health challenges. We will help obtain more information, assessments, and resources for treatment programs. We are led by a renowned mental health researcher with work extending to mental health research for major medical institutions.

Our team’s impressive credentials span multi-decades of hands-on experience including advancing mental health industry research. Additionally, our team knows the obstacles and opportunities in treating mental health disorders first-hand. We help you understand what your individual needs are, and then connect you to the best help available to address those needs. Our mental health treatment center in New Jersey acts as a clearinghouse for mental health assessments and resources for available help, providing you with the answers you need to move forward.

The Neuroscience Institute is a judgment-free space. We understand that anyone can suffer from poor mental health, and everyone deserves treatment. We provide access to highly qualified psychiatric behavioral health therapy programs that use ethical and innovative research-based treatment. Our team is able to diagnose mental health conditions, which include:

Mental Health Counseling Options in New Jersey

Mental health conditions can be treated through a variety of approaches. Some people benefit most from entering residential treatment, which involves living in a professional facility for several weeks or months. Residents typically attend individual and group therapy, as well as holistic or experiential therapy options. We monitor their progress and make plans for how to continue their treatment once they return home.

Many people can get their needs met through treatment sessions that take place during the day and allow them to return to their homes at night. These options include outpatient, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs. These types of treatments generally take place from two to five days per week and require anywhere from a few hours a week to several hours per day. 

About half of all individuals who deal with mental illness also struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol. Fortunately, we can help. We offer options for dual diagnosis therapy, which entails addressing both mental health needs and substance use disorders. We also provide access to teletherapy mental health services, which allow clients to receive valuable assistance without leaving their home. Teletherapy takes place over internet video programs, telephone, and text messages.

In New Jersey, options for public mental health services are also available through the Department of Human Services – Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Neuroscience Institute can help you determine which options suit your financial situation and personal goals. 

Discover Mental Health Treatment Centers in NJ

You or your loved one may find it confusing when making a decision on where to get mental health treatment in New Jersey. It may be overwhelming. Whether it is outpatient, teletherapy, or inpatient treatment you or your loved one is considering, it’s really important to take the first step to get help now. We accept Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance to help with costs. If you or someone you love need help assessing what type of treatment program would be most suitable, our caring specialists can help provide you with the answers. Contact Neuroscience Institute in New Jersey today, and we can answer all your questions.

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