Neuroscience Institute Announces Mental Health Center Expansion in South Florida


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Press Release:  Neuroscience Institute Announces Mental Health Center Expansion in South Florida

Our West Palm Beach campus offers a warm welcoming setting for residential mental health psychiatric clients.  Providing attentive and caring treatment in a smaller group setting.

West Palm Beach, FL – The Neuroscience Institute – Mental Health Center is pleased to announce the expansion of its South Florida West Palm Beach Campus.  In meeting our community’s   growing need for mental health treatment for clients and their families, a 10-bed campus expansion was dedicated to see the evolving needs of clients with complex and challenging primary mental health disorders.  Clients can benefit from a higher level of care coupled with supervision in smaller group setting.  Our mental health center residential inpatient facilities come fully equipped to drive positive outcomes.  Our 5-star facility offers common and private spaces to strengthen and support clients’ social, emotional, and independent living progress throughout their recovery journey.  Treatment is offered through a hands-on approach, tailoring services to each client, meeting their individual needs.  And staff are trained to go the extra mile when a ‘personal touch’ is required on the road to client recovery to independent living.

Neuroscience Institute is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida.  We offer comprehensive and diverse network of adult treatment services for behavioral health cases, psychiatric, dual diagnosis, and substance use disorders. We provide a continuum of care including inpatient, intensive residential, partial hospitalization, day treatment, outpatient services, and teletherapy.

For over a decade, the Neuroscience Institute’s organization has provided personalized, custom, neuroscience-based treatment for adults struggling with dual-diagnosis, psychiatric, trauma-based, and substance use disorders. Renowned as a national organization of clinical excellence, the Neuroscience Institute is licensed by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (ACHA) and is CARF accredited.

The West Palm Beach, South Florida Campus provides a unique treatment setting that embodies an innovative approach to meeting the increased demand and evolving needs of clients with advanced and complex mental health conditions. The dedicated 10-bed behavioral health center expansion will provide a customized clinical approach with 24×7 residential supervision.  Along with advanced support to care for adults who need intensive supervision and stabilization in a smaller community setting. Our clinical focus offers increased clinical sessions, supportive case management, medical care, and group therapy facilitated by a dedicated clinical team. The property includes outdoor spaces, sitting areas, patios, swimming pool and lounge areas that allow for personal reflection and meditation within a serene environment but without isolation.


“Treating complex co-occurring mental health and addiction diagnoses is complex, that’s why precision matters in achieving long-term recovery success for clients.  The Neuroscience Institute is proud to have built treatment programs with highly skilled clinicians that are prepared to help set a positive recovery path for clients.  For us, as part of the Neuroscience Institute organization’s family, this newest expansion will be part of one of the most well respected primary mental health and substance use disorder treatment facilities in the nation.  The addition of the South Florida, West Palm Beach Campus expansion provides a unique treatment environment that showcases Neuroscience Institute’s ongoing commitment to bring neuroscience-based treatment to those with clinically challenging disorders.”  As stated by, Director Clinical Service, Sean Duane, at the Neuroscience Institute.


About Neuroscience Institute

We treat Depression, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Bipolar, Borderline Personality, Obsessive Compulsive, Psychosis, and other illnesses.  We offer growing diversified advanced behavioral health programs in manicured South Florida facilities providing treatment to clients with psychiatric, dual diagnosis, and addictive disorders. The Neuroscience Institute’s treatment centers provide inpatient, intensive residential, outpatient, teletherapy and continuum of mental health services for adults. We offer attentive quality care, coupled with respect and compassion, paired with amenities.  We welcome clients from throughout the United States and beyond.

The Neuroscience Institute is led by a renowned mental health researcher with work extending to research as a principal investigator at a major medical institution. Our team’s impressive credentials span multi-decade hands-on experience including advancing mental health industry research. Our team knows first-hand the obstacles and opportunities in treating mental health disorders.

Improving Mental Health Care Results Via Clinical Trials

The Neuroscience Institute coordinates groundbreaking mental health clinical trials that seek to analyze newly developing high-quality mental health research, care, and therapies for volunteers.  Mental health clinical trials can help test the safety and efficiency of new clinical treatments in a controlled study with volunteers. For any newly developed behavioral drug or mental health treatment method for treating depressive disorders and other mood disorders, clinical trials can be critical to enhance researched medications and to improve patient treatment outcomes.  Clinical trials also provide new advanced treatments to volunteers before they are publicly available many times at no cost to the treatment study participants. 

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